adidas Alexander Wang AW BBALL SOCCER EG0903



125 250

The new B-Ball Soccer "Core Black" features a genuine leather upper, inspired by the World Cup football boots' shape. In the inferior part, they feature a sturdy midsole that blends the shapes of basketball shoes with the revolutionary Boost technology.


- Leather upper
- Fabric lining
- Rubber sole
- Padded ankle

Technological Features

Technological Features

BOOST™ midsole

Used by some of the most importants sportsmen of the world, the BOOST™ technology complies with all types of runners to give more softness in the footprint and a greater energy return. Composed of thousands of little spheres of TPU, the Aw Bball Soccer shoes with BOOST™ gives you back a large part of the energy employed on each impact, which means a more agile and effortless takeoff.