adidas LXCON EE5899



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The new adidas Lxcon offer a bold look, mixing the aesthetics of the 90s with the future's technology.

These shoes recreate the iconic design of 94, conserving its mesh, suede, and nylon construction, as well as the three wide stripes and a thick EVA foam midsole. Its most innovative sign appears through a translucent tube that runs through the heel and eyelets, to distribute the pressure of the laces evenly on the foot. They also feature the innovative Adiprene+ cushioning technology, to offer a smoother footstep.

Technological Features

Technological Features

Midsole EVA

The EVA is a lightweight, smooth and flexible material located on the midsole of retro-running and lifestyle shoes, and serves as cushioning system, in order to avoid hard impacts after every step. The EVA acronym comes from the rubber's technical name, ethylene-vinyl acetate.


Adiprene technology is a cushioning system built on the placement of a viscous component with foam texture under the heel. This way your feet keep protected against any impact and the sensation of well-being and support increases.