The SL 72 started in the 1972 Olympics, being the first adidas shoes to wear the clover. Now, they are back with a combination of colors and materials that recover their mythical retro style.

The "Blue" version conserves the classic narrow shape of the 70s, as well as the nylon and synthetic suede upper. Its lower part is updated with a stylized EVA midsole and a dynamic traction rubber sole.

- Narrow shape


- Textile and synthetics upper
- Fabric lining
- Printed insoles
- Rubber sole

Technological Features

Technological Features

Midsole EVA

The EVA rubber is a lightweight, smooth and flexible material found in the midsole of retro-running and lifestyle shoes, and serves as cushioning system, in order to avoid hard impacts after every step. The EVA acronym comes from the rubber's technical name, ethylene-vinyl acetate.