adidas Y-3 Y-3 RHISU RUN FU8504




The Adidas Y-3 Y-3 RHISU RUN has landed at sivasdescalzo in a BLACK/BLACK/BLACK colorway Black color

  • Adidas Y-3
  • FU8504

Technological Features

Technological Features

BOOST™ midsole

Used by some of the most importants sportsmen of the world, the BOOST™ technology suits every kind of runner to give more softness in the footprint and a greater energy return. Composed of hundreds of little spheres of TPU, the Y-3 Rhisu Run shoes made with BOOST™ gives you back most of the energy employed on every hit, which means a more agile and effortless takeoff.

Stretchweb sole with Continental™

The Y-3 Rhisu Run sneakers are equipped with a Continental outsole giving you an optimal adhesion in all sorts of surfaces. The two german brands join to provide you a sole of rubber that won't just give you a great traction, but also will help you save energy so you can perform at your best in your sporty activities.