adidas YUNG-1 B37616



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The adidas Yung-1 recovers the style of a nineties representative silhouette: the adidas Falcon Dorf.

Torsion system to stabilize the footstep, an oversized EVA midsole and a mixture of mesh and nubuck that acts as reinforcement.

The end result is a silhouette with a shocking style and the retro style of the original shoe.

Technological Features

Technological Features

TORSION® system

adidasintegrates TORSION® stabilizing plate in its running models. This technology is based on a plate placed in the middle of the sole to join the front and the back of the shoe. The purpose of this plate is to transmit the energy of the foot from an area to another and then encourage an autonomous displacement, offering better flexibility and stability in any ground.

Midsole EVA

EVA is a soft, light, and flexible material mainly used in the midsole of retro-running and lifestyle sneakers for cushioning. Midsoles are cut and shaped from flat sheets of EVA foam. The name stands for Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, a man-made material, which is extremely elastic, but also provides excellent toughness.