The adidas ZX 8000 recreates one of adidas' silhouettes that revolutionized the 80s.

Its design combines soft suede and textured mesh, for an up-to-date style and a unique touch, while the animal print adds a wild vibe to it. The classic aesthetic is reinforced further thanks to the addition of the Torsion bar in the sole.


- Leather upper
- Lacing system
- Cushioning insoles
- Padded heel
- Padded ankle
- TPU molded eyelets

Technological Features

Technological Features

TORSION® system

adidasincorporates TORSION® system in its running shapes. This technology presents a plate located in the middle of the sole to join the front and the back of the Zx 8000. The role of the plate is to cross the energy of your foot from an area to another and then allow an autonomous displacement, giving more flexibility and stability in any kind of ground.

Midsole EVA

The EVA rubber is a lightweight, smooth and flexible material located on the midsole of retro-running and lifestyle shoes, and serves as cushioning system, in order to avoid hard impacts after every step. The EVA acronym comes from the rubber's technical name, ethylene-vinyl acetate.