adidas ZX 8000 FW7260



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adidas Originals honors thirty years of Berlin Wall's fall with the launch of the ZX8000 “No Walls Needed” pack.

The design of these two shoes refers to unity, equality, individuality and freedom, represented on the heels of the four shoes through emotional symbols. Each of them offers a colorful aesthetic of the popular ZX8000 and different views from each angle, with the intention of providing several combination options.


- The addition of a second pair of shoes is a symbolic representation of the 100 D-Mark given by the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany to the German Democratic Republic's visitors after the fall of the wall.
- 1989 pairs were manufactured, which were distributed worldwide between official adidas stores and selected retailers. This number was chosen in honor of German reunification.


- Asymmetric design
- Textile upper with synthetic suede layers
- Internal tongue with the stamp "1 Of 1989"
- Printed templates
- Rubber sole
- Special packaging "Berlin Wall Box"
- Each box has two pairs of shoes

Each pair includes:

- 2 pairs of additional laces
- 1 additional decorative plate

Technological Features

Technological Features

TORSION® system

adidasincorporates TORSION® system in its running shapes. This technology presents a plate located in the middle of the sole to join the front and the back of the Zx 8000. The role of the plate is to cross the energy of your foot from an area to another and then allow an autonomous displacement, giving more flexibility and stability in any kind of ground.