1. A-ZX series: The return of an OG colorway

    A-ZX series: The return of an OG colorway

    Launched in 2008, the A-ZX series is back with a fresh perspective on its iconic running range to tell ZX story of progress and fusion from the 1980’s to now.ZX: A Brief Look Back in Time Developed in the early 80’s, the ZX range was created to cover the needs of all types of runners. Each model was designed with distinctive features,




      The Beaverton brand’s ISPA division delivers an all-new silhouette, the Nike ISPA Overreact Sandal, taking cues from the Nike ISPA Overreact Flyknit to deliver a stripped down, function-first model fit for warm weather conditions.      PUSHING THE LIMITS: NIKE ISPA As Nike’s most experimental and boundary-pushing


  3. SS20 Deep Dive: Animal Print

    SS20 Deep Dive: Animal Print

    Take a walk on the wild side with this exotic, summer style.  Many trends come and go, but the animal print has been a mainstay for decades. Whether making subtle appearances some seasons or dominating the catwalk others, this rebellious print comes in many variations ranging from traditional, natural prints to experimental, daring designs.


  4. SS20 Deep Dive: Bowling Shirt

    SS20 Deep Dive: Bowling Shirt

    Strike! The latest trend taking summer by storm.StüssyA popular staple in 50’s youth style, the bowling shirt made its way from the lanes to the streets through its simple, yet versatile design. With lightweight fabrics, boxy cuts and bold color blocking as its blueprint, the shirt has seen a striking evolution highlighted everywhere from 90’s


  5. SS20 Deep Dive: Boxer Shorts

    SS20 Deep Dive: Boxer Shorts

    Underwear? Shorts? Both?Evolving from underwear to casual wear, the modern day boxer short has made its rounds throughout history from World War I uniforms to 20’s boxing rings and 90’s hip hop staples to the runways of the last two seasons of fashion week.   A gradual transition from undergarment to an acceptable piece of street


  6. Digital PFW SS21: Front Row Voices

    Digital PFW SS21: Front Row Voices

    Understanding the new fashion landscape.  Source: @yumasui, @shoopclothing, @french_aesthete, @louisahhhSensational runway shows, street style looks, lavish parties, and a city’s creative buzz are the hallmarks of any fashion week. For decades many flocked to Paris, Milan, London and New York to take in the latest trends, designs, and shows


  7. SS20 Deep Dive: Bleached

    SS20 Deep Dive: Bleached

    Associated with times of social change and counterculture, tie-dye and its many variants return as a symbol of individuality.Dyes, tie-dye, bleach and other methods of customizing garments have been used for decades by different cultures, but it was in the 60’s that these methods established a new meaning and challenged conventional fashion. Not


  8. Nike Overreact Flyknit ISPA

    Nike Overreact Flyknit ISPA

    ISPA emerged in 2018 as a new approach to design and functionality focused on interaction with the environment, prioritizing performance and usability. An approach inspired by how Nike has developed its history with athletes, now adapted to different use environments.


  9. adidas Originals and Jonah Hill, united by the Superstar

    adidas Originals and Jonah Hill, united by the Superstar

    Jonah Hill and adidas seal their alliance with a Superstar that showcases the creative spirit of the Californian actor and director.


  10. Khakis, color as origin

    Khakis, color as origin

    The pants that we know today as khakis or chinos have become a must-have with a relaxed look, but their origins are a mix of wars, adventures, colonialism, and a bit of legend.


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