adidas Skate Copa Collection


Brooklyn Creator Farm is a community of artists, athletes, and designers created by adidas made up of Denis Dekovic, Mark Miner, and Marc Dolce, which serves as a true engine of ideas for the brand.

The latest collection that arrives from Brooklyn Creator Farm is linked to adidas Skateboarding with a focus on the football World Cup of 2018. This is not the first time that football and skate come together, but the originality of the collection is delivered by the blend between skaters and classic football jerseys with Mark Gonzales as the catalyst. 

Tyshawn Jones is inspired by an adidas pattern from the mid-eighties, featuring large adidas stripes on the chest, and made of light materials, plus Climalite technology to expel sweat. The front of the jersey also features a bespoke design created specifically for this Mark Gonzales collection.

adidas skate copa TYSHAWNJERSEY  adidas skate copa TYSHAWNJERSEY

Na-Kel Smith's jersey revives one of the most historic images of the goalkeepers of the nineties - one that has made the list of one of the best football shirts in history, as well as on the list of one of the worst football shirts in history. Among the list of players who donned the jersey are: Sergio Goycochea, Bodo Illgner, and Tony Meola, who wore the jersey on the cover of his videogame, Sidekicks. Beyond names, the shirt remains a legend in its own right for the limits that could be reached as a goalie of the nineties.

adidas skate copa nakel jersey  adidas skate copa nakel jersey


Rodrigo TX looks way back to 1996 with a design worn by teams like France, Romania, and Norway. It features a button up collar, Climalite technology, and a dyed pattern created by Mark Gonzales for the front of the jersey.


Miles Silvas found inspiration in the design of an unforgettable jersey of the 1994 German national team, which also dressed the likes of Georgia, Latvia, plus the teams Bayern Munich and Besiktas. This jersey features a diamond pattern, which rises up from the chest to collar utilizing light blue, white, and red hues against a black base. On the back on the jersey, the number 95 is displayed to pay homage to Silvas' birthday.

adidas skate copa silvas  ADIDAS SILVAS JERSEY

Marc Johnson sticks to the same year, but this time with another adidas design classic - also favoring a diamond pattern. A design that also is highly recognizable to most as the 1994 Spanish national team's World Cup uniform, as well as that of the second team of Argentina. It is presented with a classic cut, wide fit, plus a ribbed collar.

adidas skate copa johnson jersey  ADIDAS JOHNSON JERSEY

Football, skate, Climalite technology, and design insight by the historic Mark Gonzales - all together in a collection that starts the motor running up until the 2018 World Cup in Russia this summer.