1994 Football World Cup: popular in many countries around the world, the sport of football decided that in this particular year they would host their most prestigious competition in a terrority where the sport was relatively unknown, the United States. A large market, without a professional league of its own, top brands poised themselves to present their latest innovations. The impact was not only felt in the United States, but also by more regular consumers, who discovered new shapes, forms, and colors.


The United States had two very well-remembered adidas kits, both based on the stars and stripes of their flag, as well as other distinctive elements of American culture, such as denim. Nigeria, also with adidas, created a special design based on traditonal patterns for their two kits. For its first unified appearance in the World Cup since 1938, Germany, presented itself with a proud and controversial design of diamonds. Argentina's first team went unnoticed, hidden in the shadows, following the doping scandal and subsequent ejection of Diego Maradona. Besides players' kits, the goalkeepers in the 1994 World Cup all donned a similar pattern, one that only rapper, M.I.A. has dared to recover.

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The United States 1994 competition also marked the last for the brand, Umbro with Brasil, as well as the landing of Nike as a formidable football superpower. Eight of the Brazilian champions wore Nike football boots, such as Romario, Bebeto, or an adolescent Ronaldinho, who was seen cheering from the bench.

The Italian Football Federation in 1994 did not allow the use of trademarks in their team's game shirts, but did so in their training garments, which is why Italian players were seen during the national anthem of games with jackets that clearly displayed their sponsor's logos. This was done despite the sizzling 28 degree (82ºF) weather experienced, during the June semi-finals. It was precisely Italy that eliminated Spain with a goal from Baggio with just two minutes left in the game, and the famous, cheap elbow shot by Tassotti to Luis Enrique in the quarter-finals. 

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Spain's kit utilized an iconic design, which has been the inspiration for 2018's World Cup jersey, but adidas didn't stop there, they also wanted to recover the original form. Loose fit, a typical style of the nineties, with a polo neck and rhombus stripes on the right; a scheme we saw on the second teams from Norway and Argentina (yes, the same one with which Maradona scored against Greece). After years of football jerseys being based on solely one color, new technical innovations and the color madness of the nineties allow for combinations that marked many childhoods.

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