adidas SPZL brings back the Second Summer of Love

bez happy mondays

The Second Summer of Love refers to a movement that began in 1988 in the United Kingdom, which served up the Acid genre and MDMA on a platter and shared its attitude with the First Summer of Love in San Francisco nearly 30 years earlier. It is also the inspiration for the SS18 collection of adidas SPEZIAL, available at sivasdescalzo online and instore Friday, March 9th. This line, the most respected in the adidas archive, is in the hands of one man, Gary Aspden, who lived that summer in first person (in reality two summers) in Manchester and Ibiza, two poles of the birth of Acid.

The British hooligan scene from the early 80s took a curious turn at the end of the decade, thanks to a style of music that hailed from Chicago and in Manchester was able to blend into the local scene with guitars that took to the raves of Ibiza. The alcohol, fights, and fear of foreign invasions transformed into a relaxed and festive attitude that implied a new type of music, drugs, and style. Happy Mondays, the catalyst group of all those references, played to the meaning of their name as opposition to Blue Monday, a hymn of the Mancunians who wore black and were fans of putting their sadness on display.

T-shirts became oversized, the more color the better, plus hoodies were combined with sweatpants and adidas running/indoor sneakers. Pastel colors, rubber soles, t-shirts with eccentric graphics, are icons that reappear in the SS18 by adidas Spezial that pays attention to details, such as the highly desired gold sticker indicating sizes.

adidas spezial spring summer 2018

The adidas SPZL Glenbuck is the reinterpretation of an unknown shoe from the personal archives of Gary Aspden and which has become a tribute to the late, great football manager, Bill Shankly. Some original models featured Dellinger Web (the mesh that covers the midsole) and were characterized by the lip in the back base of the shoe, where the midsole met with the heel. The motive behind this lip design in sneakers employed during the 80s was due to a process called grouping, where only a specific amount of tooling was used for the mould of the soles to cut costs; two or even three shoe sizes would share one midsole mould. The aesthetic result of this antique, cost-saving process was so appealing to Aspden, so he ensured it was redesigned in the two colors of available Glenbucks: "Clear Brown/Off White" and "Mist Jade/Icey Pink".

The adidas SPZL Hulton and adidas SPZL Indoor Kreft also make an appearance, two models that were nearly forgotten, now make their way into the collection with small changes to redefine silhouettes that come from indoor sports,and that mix nylon and suede with a midsole that drops closer to the ground. The final design exercise was followed through via the adidas Padiham, a perfect recreation of that summer of love's style with all-new details.

Mixing in all those references, Show Studio has created a fashion film that not only presents the collection, but places it in its perfect setting, Ibiza, and with the voice of Bez, the dancer and chemical animator of the Happy Mondays.