The historic ZX saga is rebirthed through a new interpretation of the adidas Consortium which uses a midsole made using 4D technology and an exterior Continental sole.

Launched originally in 1984, the ZX saga could be distinguished between three numbered collections  (ZX 380, 400 o 710) and the renovation was started five years later identified by four different numbers (ZC 5000, 8000, 9000). Both collections had something in common; a different image that wasn’t afraid of colour and the use of a vanguard technology.

The adidas ZX 4000 4D reinterprets the original model with a technology created by Carbon4D. It mixes the Continental, Primeknit soles and suede layers with translucent bands that maintain the classic stripes taking them as far as the techniques allow it, but the midsole is what makes Adidas travel in time.

Inspired by the reconstruction process of the T-1000 android from Terminator 2, Carbon4D came up with a 3D printing process based on the liquid resin which interacts with light and oxygen to achieve the shape, density and desired texture. And this way structures that can not be developed by using usual systems of injection are created,  reducing the amount of time, eliminating prototypes and cutting down residues to a minimum.

The result of mixing 4D technology and the legacy of the ZX saga is a technical update of a classic silhouette which places itself even closer to the future.