Attention 90s Kids: Airwalk Is Back!


Airwalk is celebrating its 30th anniversary with the release of “The One”, one of their most well-known models and a 1990s skate icon.

90s teens will remember the battle between skateboarding brands Airwalk and Vans in grade school. But Airwalk was not only a favorite for skaters, it was also very popular among the American Punk-Rock scene.

Tom DeLonge guitar

The guitar of Blink-182’s vocalist Tom DeLonge with Airwalk and NOFX stickers


Some of you may remember the video clip “Leave it Alone” by NOFX:

Did you spot the Airwalks?


The brand, founded in 1986, is now looking to put their most iconic silhouette back in its place in pop culture. At sivasdescalzo you can shop the Airwalk “The One” silhouette in a variety of colors:

“The Bloc” has been re-invented to fit 2017 wardrobes. It features a slightly sleeker design, soft suede upper in modern colors and a grippy rubber sole.

Airwalk The One Bloc

“The Random” is the name given to the OG pair of Airwalk “The One”, featuring a black upper with white detailing.

Airwalk The One Random

“The Pearl” has been designed to celebrate the 30th anniversary and features a vibrant and colorful upper for a modern update.

Airwalk The One Pearl 

Airwalk’s “The One” kicks are the latest 90s trend to make a comeback and at SVD we are proud to be one of the few stores to launch these iconic skate sneakers. Are you feeling nostalgic yet?