Nike Air Force One: the history behind the myth

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Nike Air Force One: the history behind the myth

Aug 4, 2017 11:43:19 AM

The shoe that gets its name in reference to the plane of the President of the United States couldn’t be an ordinary shoe. Its success lies not only in the fact that it was one of the first shoes in which new "air technology" was implanted used but also in the public response to it. These sneakers are one of the most popular and sold footwear of all times due to their popularity. Not only n the sports worls but pop culture and hip hop have adopted it as a must in their dressing code.  In few years more than 2,000 Air Force One versions have been released with an annual sales record of 12 million pairs in 2005. Still its best selling version is the completely white Air Force One.

Their first advertising campaign brought together six NBA players: Bobby Jones, Moses Malone, Jamaal Wickkes, Clavin Natt, Mychal Thompson and Michael Cooper. Music cultures like popo or hip hop extended its use beyond the play ground. In New York they became so popular that seemed like a compulsory urban uniform. They were known simply as Uptowns, like the area of ​​NY that is located between 59 and 155 streets where they were seen mostly everywhere.

It is a fact that the best selling shoes in history was discontinued two years after its launch as it was normal among the Nike silhouettes. When the stores in New York began to stock out, people began to visit the nearby cities where rumor was that there were some Air Force One pairs still available.

 In Baltimore some stores protested over Nike for a model that sold so well and proposed a joint order. The three stores, Charley Rudo Sports, Locker Room Center and Cinderella Shoes came together to make an order of 1200 pairs a month with a different color every month. Without knowing it, these were the first limited launches to comethrough just as the ones that take place nowadays. 

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