Space Jam, a Pop Culture Phenomenon


Space Jam, a Pop Culture Phenomenon

Monday, December 19, 2016 5:57:36 PM Europe/Paris

20 years ago what seemed like a little anecdote for a series of ads ended up becoming a whole pop culture phenomenon. In 1992, Joe Pytka accepted the challenge of directing Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny in a Nike ad. The result was so brilliant that David Falk, Michael's agent, proposed to create a movie based on this idea ... and they managed to convince director Pytka again: no one else dared to work at the same time with children, basketball players and cartoons.

Michael Jordan went from being a basketball star to simply being a star, just like his sneakers. We still remember those times when we kept in pause a Goonies or Back to the Future VHS right in the moment when some sneakers appeared on screen. Space Jam had the Jordan IX and especially the Jordan XI in a colorway never released before.

Michael himself helped to add to this sneaker myth: the designer of the shoe, Tinker Hatfield, had shown him a prototype of the Jordan 11 that would go on sale six months later. Jordan was able to try them out but he should not use them in public. He wore them in five of the six games that he faced against Orlando in the Playoffs and, in the last three games, with the colorway we would see in Space Jam.

It became the sneaker that everyone talked about but no one could have. Finally, the Jordan 11 released instore in 2000 and managed to change the way in which sneakers were sold. There was so much anticipation for this shoe that parents asked shops to sell them on Saturday, as their children preferred to drop classes rather than miss the release of the Jordan XI Space Jam.

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