Chelsea Boot: The origins of Kanye West's new boot

For his Yeezy Pre-Season 6, Kanye West has opted for a silhouette which has been historically related to the world of music. The Chelsea Boot is an ankle-high boot with no lacing system, a rounded toe, and two elastic side panels. In the middle of the 19th century, Queen Victoria's shoemaker, Joseph Sparkes-Hall, desgined and patened these boots using a recent invention, which allowed for the integration of elastic zones. This was the first time ever in which boots were capable to be worn without other adjustable features; the elastic allowed it adapt perfectly to the wearer's foot. 

The 20th century marked the end of the boots being known as “Joseph Sparkes-Hall Patent Elastic Ankle Boots”, as there was a bourgeoning fashion takeover set in motion by 60's London residents. The mini-skirt's creator, Mary Quant, and the supermodel, Jean Shrimpton, were amongst many to have converted the boot from its original name to what it is know as today - the Chelsea Boot. Named after the famous London bourough in which many influential London residents would gather, Chelsea, was also the site of the city's popular Kings Road, from which was the birth of the the city's mod culture developed.

The Kinks and The Rolling Stones tried many distinct versions of the shoes, but it was The Beatles who introduced them to the rest of the world. For many, the Chelsea Boot was then know as the Beatle Boot, even though they passed through the feet of many famous artists like Iggy Pop, Bob Dylan, and Elvis Costello, solidifying itself as part of the mod uniform and even as far as being immortalized by the great, Andy Warhol.

However, the most interesting and odd moment in the history of Chelsea Boots arrived from a galaxy far far away. The Stormtroopers from the first Star Wars film used Chelsea Boots, which were painted in white. Very few shoe models can say they have been worn by Kanye West, The Beatles, Stormtroopers, and Andy Warhol.

Kanye West's version of this iconic shoe is now available at SVD. Look for the simplicity of lines with a product made in Europe in suede and available in four colors.