converse one star

The Converse One Star were originally launched back in 1974 as basketball shoes.It was not until the early 1990's that they resurged as the Star footwear of a whole new era. At a time when big, flamboyant basketball shoes dominated the market, Converse decided to swim countercurrently, or not? The truth is that this rapid movement of the brand was not random. DeeDee Gordon at the age of 21 had a lot to do with it, a "coolhunter" who was not aware she was one.

The story of this release came to light in The New Yorker named a column written by journalist and sociologist Malcolm Gladwell. Under the title “The Coolhunt” the journalist tells the story of DeeDee Gordon and her Placid Planet store in Boston. This was a place not only to buy but also to exchange ideas, opinions and trends. That's why Baysie Wightman, who in 1992 was working for Converse looking for people who knew what was on the streets, did not hesitate to go in and ask. At that time the cool kids were begining to lose interest in the striking shoes with air chambers, technological materials and hundreds of colors. DeeDee saw they were seeking for more simple and authentic silhouettes, and Baysie did not hesitate to make good use of that information. She brought back the Converse One Star, missing since 1975, with a move that anticipated fashion itself. The model quickly became the signature of the new retro era that was just beginning.

This simple sneaker fit perfectly with the aesthetics of the movement. Its biggest driver, Kurt Cobain, guided the scene wearing a pair of worn out Stars. After Cobain's death in 1994 his fetish sneakers were immortalized with his memory.