Tyler and flowers. Flowers and Tyler
. Even since rapper Tyler, The Creator dropped his acclaimed album Flower Boy (or, even better, ever since his record label made him shorten the original title, which was aptly named Scum Fuck Flower Boy), his world seems to be filled with flowers. After all, the lyrics of that record were the ones that, in the year 2017, brought up the notion of the artist’s ambiguous sexuality, and everyone can get an idea of what the expression flower boy means, and therefore leaving almost no room for doubt.

As displeased as he was to feed the rumour mill with such provocations from sensationalist media outlets, Tyler The Creator instead chose to celebrate the launch of his latest piece of work to date, by finalising his collaboration with Vans and latching onto Converse for the launch of sneakers that keep honouring that floral theme: the Golf Le Fleur. He’s done so through his own brand, the same Golf Wang that, in the last seasons by way of two drops per year, has defined a whole universe where the aesthetic is that of shocking colours, comfortable urban fits and prints that don’t shy away from being strident.

Golf Le Fleur’s evolution is quite interesting. Firstly, we’ve got to say that Tyler, The Creator only ever took the liberty to dye the iconic Converse One Star model with those oh so recognisable powerful Golf Wang colours. But, after that, the artist started improving the sneakers, for example, by way of using flashy materials such as suede, or, above all, by incorporating a detail that has now become the most characteristic sign of Golf Le Fleur’s identity: a side logo in the reverse, in the shape of a flower that offers more leeway in playing with even more colours and textures.

This tendency towards excellence in the designs of Tyler, The Creator reaches its next peak on November 15, which is precisely the day that the new Burlap Pack by Golf le Fleur is dropping. This capsule set consists of three different models: two colourways of the Converse Chuck 70 high-tops and one Converse One Star Ox. The second ones keep the floral logo in its reverse, whilst the first ones replace it with the words Golf Le Fleur, but inverted (are we allowed to think that this inverted reference is another sign of sexual ambiguity or are we being too extra?). The three models are obviously made out of burlap (I mean, they’re called Burlap Pack for a reason), except for the Chuck 70 which are made out of yute, which is one of the materials used when making burlap.

It might not be Spring yet, but with capsule sets like these, Tyler, The Creator shows us that his flowers are perennial and that not only will they survive the fall time, but they’ll also become much stronger than before.