Everything Sucks (minus the style of the 90s)

The Netflix series Everything Sucks has been uncovered as one of the most suprising breakouts of the series season. Set in 1996 and following the lives of several teenagers in a small Oregon town, the series follows typical problems seen during those delicate coming-of-age years. The first minute serves as a perfect snapshot of the decade: hacky sacks, origami fortune tellers, checked t-shirts, trolls, and BMX. There is no doubt the style of Everything Sucks perfectly represents the best of the 90s.

Luke O'Neil uses his Reebok Shaq Attaq as an autentic off-road sneaker, like any teenager would've done with the Pump during that time. All this action takes place in Boring, Oregon, where it would seem the Shaq Attaq sneakers arrived with a bit of delay, due to the fact the series is set in 1996, four years after the launch of the sneakers. Boring, apart from being the perfect name, is a real-life town situated only 40 minutes from the headquartes of Nike, so to sport Reebok, the brand's archrival, is quite a declaration. 

everything sucks

Luke's Nike jacket appears on screens just as we're experiencing the revival of the multicolored tracksuit. Two types of backpacks were also used in the schools, Jansport and those with loops for skateboards. We also see Tyler, Luke's curly-haired friend, wearing flip-flops with white socks; the perfect nerd styling for someone whose first conversation is about Star Wars. On the soundtrack, other nerd-esque anthems can be heard from songs by Weezer and Nada Surf, whose hymn Popular represents a battle against cheerleaders and jocks alike.

In the hallways of Boring High School, skate sneakers are mixed with classics like Converse Chuck Taylor, equally valid for grunge or nerd crowds. In Luke's room, we even see a poster of Kevin Smith's Mall Rats, where Chucks also make another appearance. Move over to Emaline, with a look clearly inspired by Gwen Stefani, who regularly sports some adidas sneakers. Last, but not least, the one that few expected to see as a reference in terms of style is the principal of Boring High School. He is proof that the "Dad Shoes" were way ahead of their time and have now become essential in the world of fashion.

References to Dennis Rodman, Oasis, Gatorade, Tori Amos, and a slight dig at Blockbuster, which in 2000 rejected the idea of a small company called Netflix. The styles we saw in the nineties now return to the screens, the streets, and our lockers.