Want to know how to clean your white sneakers?

Maintaining the fresh out of the box color of your sneakers is, in effect, mission impossible. This futile task is further amplified when said sneakers are white. It will never be able to understand why, but the day you put your new kicks is the day that everything, absolutely everything, goes wrong and your day becomes a full on obstacle course. Crossing paths with a gaggle of school children, public transport is unnaturally crowded, and heaven forbid that single cloud in the sky drops the season's next tropical storm.

At SVD we love sneakers and understand, as well as you do, the agony of having white sneakers in the closet and being afraid to use them for fear of getting them dirty. But, not to worry, we've put together a careful list of homemade remedies which you can use to make your kicks shine like new.

All that's left is for you to pick one! 

Homemade remedies to clean white sneakers


pasta de dientes limpiar zapatillas blancas

Toothpaste is one of the products that is most used to clean the uppers of our most beloved sneakers. However, despite popular belief, if we want it to have the desired effect, it would be more appropraite to use this method for the midsoles of sneakers, or failing that, those that are made of leather. 

If it is used on sneakers made of mesh or thread, the effect will not be optimal. 

Necessary ingredients:
- Toothbrush
- Toothpaste

It's just as if you were brushing your teeth, put the toothpaste on your toothbrush and go. Just becareful in using an excessive amount, as you could run the risk of leaving unwanted residue on your kicks.

We recommend using a toothbrush with strong bristles, in order to get to dirt more efficiently. The majority of midsoles in the market can withstand the friction without risk of damage.


While its smell is not as fresh as toothpaste, ammonia is one of the most widespread solutions for cleaning. Not only is it useful to clean your sneakers, but it can equally be as effective with clothes or accessories.

Of all the solutions we're suggesting, it is one that you will have to take the most care in using, mostly due to the chemical properties of which it is composed. We recommend diluting it in water, to create a much more liquid solution.

- A teaspoon of ammonia
- A tablespoon of dish soap
- A liter of water
- A large bowl
- A brush

In a large bowl, mix the ammonia with the dish soap and water. We advise you stir and mix the solution for a few minutes, until the ammonia has been diluted completely.

Once you've fully mixed all ingredients, all you have to do is dip the brush in the solution and pass it over any marks you find on your sneaker's upper.

All done? Leave your sneakers to dry for 24 hours until they are completely dry. If you still see some marks, simply repeat the process again making sure to leave the adequate time for drying in between each process. 

Baking soda and detergent

bicarbonato limpiar zapatillas blancas

This is probably the most effective and least harmful solutions when it comes to cleaning those pesky marks on your sneakers left by dirt and other particles. 

Ingredients you need:
- Toothbrush
- A teaspoon of baking soda
- A tablespoon of detergent
- A bowl

In a bowl, simply mix all ingredients in their recommended quantities.

After stirring the detergent and baking soda for a few minutes, you'll have made the best cleaning cocktail to start putting your toothbrush to your sneakers.

We recommend using a toothbrush with soft bristles, to avoid causing more friction than needed, which could damage the material of your sneaker's upper.

This solution requires practice, time, and patience to get our sneakers back to their original color. Once you've brushed the solution with the toothbrush into the upper, it's important we give it the time necessary to dry - usually 24 hours.

When all is said and done, if you still see residue on your sneakers, just repeat the process. Don't worry, repeating the process won't damage your sneakers. 

Sea salt

sal gruesa limpiar zapatillas blancas

Yes, sea salt. It is one of the most unknown ways when cleaning stains on sneakers, but it is also one of the most effective and least abrasive.

To use, it is quite simple and you will see almost immediate results.

- A handful of sea salt
- A brush

First, use a dry brush to remove any dirt or residue left on the sneaker. Through this, we will be able to remove the any particles that are resting on the outside of the fabric.

Once you've completed this step, cover any and all spots on your sneaker with the salt. Leave it in this state for an hour, until the salt has its effect.

After the salt has settled, rise the sneaker with cold water, removing all traces of salt and dirt particles, revealing how the sneaker has been relieved of virtually all stains. 



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It is among one of the great forgotten in terms of cleaning sneakers, perhaps because of how simple it is. It is also one of the most effective methods, especially if the stains or dirt on your sneakers haven't sat there for too long, and if the surface is rubber or leather. It's enough to use the eraser as normal, but with patience to eliminate the most superficial marks on your sneaker.

Thanks to its ease of use and delicateness, you'll not have problems utilizing this solution as many times as necessary. 

How to clean white sneakers with Jason Markk

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Homemade remedies are some of the best options we have when it comes to the moment of cleaning our favorite sneakers. However, today we are lucky that our sneakers can be treated to best technology on the market, and in most cases, this technology is more often then not, delicate. This ensures our sneakers get the best treatment at the time of cleaning. 

In the sneakers of yesteryear, those with simpler technology, it was easier to combat the problem of dirt with non-specialized products that we had at home. However, the increasing impact that technology has on footwear cannot hold at bay the development of new shoe cleaning products to combat dirt and stains.

Jason Markk is the best brand on the market and leader in premium shoe care and at SVD you'll find a selection of products to help take care of your sneakers they way deserve to be treated.

If your sneakers are a bit more delicate, don't worry. Jason Markk has created specific products to treat them: the Suede Kit is specially designed to eliminate dirt on the most delicate products. All you will need is some water and some paitence to get your sneakers looking like new. If they happen to be Flyknit, or Primeknit, even mesh, with the Premium Cleaner Kit you'll have more than enough to return your kicks to their original state.

You no longer have any excuses, take a look at our selection of summer sneakers or dive into our entire sneaker catalog and take your pick. Now you have more than enough tools to deal with any time of scuff, scrape, mark, or stain -  just wear your kicks like they deserve to be worn!