How to keep your kicks clean in a BBQ

It has happened to us all: you finally get to cop those kicks you wanted SO MUCH and you need to wear them ASAP. But O Fortuna, you come back home and realize that your loved sneakers have been cruelly tainted.

stained sneaker


Rocking those clean white Flyknit Racer kicks seems like an easy thing ... until you decide to wear them in a barbecue with friends. What the heck were you thinking?? Everything is going smoothly: good weather, good food and people complimenting you on your sneakers. 100/100.

You keep checking your kicks all the time and you begin to realize that keeping them spotless is gonna be mission impossible. Just as in a platform game, in this BBQ you will need to jump over the following obstacles to preserve the purity of your sneakers:


That drunk girl dancing near your kicks while holding a glass of wine


kid with hamburguer

That guy sitting next to you with his greasy burger



How to keep your sneakers clean:

Here are some tips to keep your kicks from getting dirty:

1. You can put some plastic bags on your feet and try to keep your dignity:

cat with bag

A whiskered sneakerhead who followed our advice


Yeah OK, we know you want some REAL advice:

1. Protect your sneakers right after unboxing them with the Jason Markk repel. You know what they say: better safe than sorry. Spray covering the entire area of the shoes, allow to dry for 24 hours, then repeat the process. Who is afraid of stains now?

stain repeler

2. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to remove the stainUse these pocket quick wipes by Jason Markk to clean your kicks even when you're not at home!