Her art has become viral more than once, actually multiple time, but it would be unfair to say that John Yuyi is just an Instagram artist, because she’s so much more than that. Her images are surprising, sometimes intimate, other times even weird or shocking, but they always have a very contemporary audacious beauty. She is her own muse, her skin and temporary tattoos have become her signature marks. But, how did she get here?

Born in Taiwan, currently living in New York, John Yuyi decided to create a few years ago a Facebook page in which she would promote a swimwear line that she created. One day she had the brilliant idea of taking a selfie in which she had temporary tattoos on her skin of what seemed to be a sort of screenshot of that Facebook profile, which she now calls FacePost. And that was the moment in which she went viral; the first of many times in which she would break the internet.

And that was just the beginning, day by day we have been able to follow her work through her Instagram account where she already has almost 170 thousand followers, and knowing how this began as a passion project, social media being the amplifier to an international level, it has been evolving until it has become a consolidated career where collaborations with brands (Gucci, Nike, and Kenzo among some of them) it has been developing on full throttle, and where her work has not only been seen in prestigious magazines but it has also reached galleries like The Art Vacancy in New York or Galerie Charlot in Paris in the form of exhibitions.

Yuyi explains that the temporary tattoos are the perfect way she has found to materialize everything and anything that ever crosses her mind, those ephemeral sensations that she then immortalises with her camera. That which we call #mood or even #bigmood. And this is obviously related to social media, the fact that she can post photos instantaneously reflects her behavior of a generation like that of millennials. And it’s true, lately, we’ve been seeing how temporary tattoos are being adopted by other artists as an instrument to channel their worries, and we don’t doubt for a second that they’ve been inspired by her. But don’t get it twisted, because there’s only one John Yuyi.