Remember a few months ago when the media wouldn’t stop talking about the ‘ReMovida Madrileña’ (the comeback of ‘La Movida Madrileña’)? Well, as time has shown, this cultural renovation has very little to do with la Movida, as we now have a new generation of creative values that are making a comeback in order to disrupt the Spanish scene from the capital.

Last year the ReMovida madrileña was a buzzed about subject, a type of creative implosion that was a powerful reminder of that golden era in which, at the end of the 70s and beginning of the 80s, showed that Spain as a country could throw a party. A party with tons of glitter and eyeliner and a dissolute morality and a taste for the scandalous… The problem is that back then many would talk about the Removida and, in the end, the concept was left meaningless after much use. And, above all, it was revealed to us that the new creative scene from Madrid had little to do with la Movida: the capital is a factory that never ended up peaking after its initial boom, as it keeps releasing new batches of values, one after another.

Values such as, for example, the Peiteado twins, who inhabit an aesthetic space that is between filmmaker Eloy de la Iglesia and the paintings of Goya’s dark folklore. Some will think that they were the launching pad for the so-called twinfluencer trend, but the Peiteado twins continue to show a profound power over taking control of their own universe: “Lately we have been having many interesting projects. We consider attending events as our job, because we have to co-ordinate outfits, transportation, time, public relations, photos… But we love it!”. Which may be why they are overwhelmed with project proposals: “We will be the image of the next Arde Madrid project by Paco León, we’ve just been involved in a project by photographer Miguel Reveriego who even included us in the Spanish artistic scene of the moment, with artists that we ADMIRE… And we’ve already worked with Alaska for a music video with Loquillo”.


They’ve also just starred in our campaign in which we invite you to look for a twin who you can share your Black Friday purchases with so that you can take even more advantage of them. And, mostly, the Peiteado twins, with their look that seems to be taken out of a 16th century painting, are the perfect excuse to address the new set of values from Madrid that are revitalising the scene in Spain. But, beware, this is not meant to be a definitive selection. We’d like to say that all of the ones listed here are involved in the scene, but not all of the ones involved are here

The suggestive images he’s created for Rosalía’s El mal querer are the cherry on top of the cake that Filip Custic had been cooking up for a while. As a model, as a indispensable social figure, as part of Palomo Spain’s artistic crew or as the creative behind campaigns for Camper and Opening Ceremony, Custic’s journey has been quite long. But, we can safely say that he’s in it for the long haul.

Filip Custic

María Forqué seems to move away further and further from the shadow that her surname casts. And she does so directly by getting rid of the Forqué after María and by putting Vírgen in front: Virgen María , that is the alias chosen by Verónica Forqué’s daughter with which she has completed a vibrant process of emancipation and has created a space for herself in the postmodern art world. Her approach to music is impregnated by a performative vision in which body and sexuality (not sex) play a decisive role. Neither Virgin neither Forqué: a thousand percent María.

Ramiro e. took her away from thanatopraxy and brought her to the world. This photographer was the one who discovered Ángela Huete , who was studying that craftsmanship which consists in preparing the deceased so that they can be shown in an open casket without making the loved ones feel uneasy, and he took her and brought her to the world of fashion. But she’s the one who has been able to work her way towards becoming a stylist, art director and PR manager. Also, her face brings us joy when we recognise her at an event as she reminds us that youth really is forever as it resides in an eternally cool look such as Ángela’s.

Ángela Huete

“Alicia will help you to focus your style back into the future”, is the funny tagline that can be read in Alicia Padrón ’s web banner, and, in fact, her image also appears with a look on her face that is very extra. But in all seriousness, Padrón’s work actually shows a lot of focus and we foresee a very bright future for her. She’s worked with magazines like T Magazine Spain, King Kong, Candy, Fucking Young, El País and Hercules Universal. She’s also been working with brands like Louis Vuitton and Paco Rabanne. And she’s even dressed Arca. So don’t be fooled by her extraness, because she means business.

Alicia Padrón

What’s most surprising about Cadiz native Kito Muñoz isn’t his (almost insulting) youthfulness. What surprises us the most about him is that, taking his young age into account, he’s been able to create a body of photography in which you can see a universe filled with an unfathomable amount of references to illustrious movies, works of art and visual culture in general. Unsurprisingly, his exquisitely extravagant taste has caught the eye of brands like Delpozo and Palomo Spain. And there will be more to come

Kito Muñoz

Today it is Cuentos Rosales but also Dolores de la Rosa. Yesterday it was Aaliyah Rosales, Rosa de la Rosa and many other names associated to Spanish band Mecano’s flower of choice. Some believe that her real name is Soraya Rosales … But who knows. It’s impossible to know under which username you’ll find her on Instagram, but what you must know is that, if you find her, you’ll fall head over heels for this artist, performer, designer and stylist whose greatest talent is showing her own life put into pictures: a spectacle where Costumbrismo and folklore go hand in hand in a future only she can live in. But one in which you’ll want to live in too.

Soraya Rosales

Frankly, it is really hard to understand the regeneration of the scene in Madrid without Palomo Spain: a great part of the new values from the capital are linked to the designer in some way or another. And, in that wide web of interconnections, it is indispensable to highlight the prominent figure of Palomo’s boyfriend and muse: Pol Roig . He’s the one who best exemplifies the aesthetic that the designer creates from the catwalk to impregnate the streets. But it is also him who is finishing his Fine Arts degree and who has a bright future ahead of himself in which we have a feeling will bring a great deal of surprises.

Pol Roig

If there is a collective from Madrid that everyone’s talking about, that is Chica Gang: a group of girls whose biggest goal is to give visibility to any type of art created by women (and if the subject matter is related to the LGBTQI community, even better). One of the most illustrious members of this gang is precisely Flaca , who could well be the Spanish version of Rosa Pistola: a ball full of kinetic energy who’s able to even turn around reggaeton haters by making them dance, sweat and enjoy it.

Sofia Conti (Aka Flaca)

Miguel Becer  probably is the veteran of this new generation of value creators who are capable of setting Madrid on fire. But, no matter how much time passes by, his brand ManéMané continues to be a breath of fresh air that is more necessary than ever due to his revisionism and disruption towards gender conventions inside the fashion world. It goes without saying that, again, no matter how much time passes by, Becer’s social media presence can only be described as unmitigated agitation that has the same mission of that of a molotov cocktail.

Miguel Becer

Make no mistake, Laura and Andrea are not sisters, even though they’ve decided to join forces by sharing (an actually fictitious) surname like Vandall . What they actually have in common is precisely the most crucial club to understand the current night life and grittiness of the capital: ChaChá The Club . Laura’s always been a stylist and ultimate club-goer from Madrid, whilst Andrea took part in the craziness of Ghetto Nailz. Side by side, also joined by Edgar Candel Kerri (de los Zombie Kids), they’ve created an incomparable club in which all of the people mentioned in this article get together.