Do you know when you go to an event and, suddenly, everything just falls into place and seems to have an internal coherence that becomes almost magical? Well, that’s what happened yesterday at Sivasdescalzo Barcelona where along with METAL Magazine we presented into society the three winning entries of the creative competition organised around the new Nike Air Max 720. There was music, pretty people, and social mingling… Everything clicked.

There are two types of events. On the one hand, there are those types of events where you notice nothing really makes sense, even though the music might be OK, the people there are nice and the vibe’s fine, but the only kind of coherence there is, is the one imposed by the major force of a solid gathering. And then there are those type of events where everything falls into place, where suddenly the major force of the gathering manages to assemble different puzzle pieces together and everything fits: the people there aren’t only nice but they also seem to have managed to come to an agreement to dress following some kind of an internal secret aesthetic code, the music is of the ideal style in order to lubricate the imagery of the event, conversations flow, the dancing grows in intensity… This second type of event was the one from yesterday, Friday, February 1st, which we lived in our Barcelona Sivasdescalzo store.

The epicenter of the celebration wasn’t only the presentation of the new Nike Air Max 720, but the culmination of a long and stimulating process in which, with the help of METAL Magazine, we invited our country’s creative minds to deliver an artwork inspired by this sneaker which has been born with the aroma of an icon. Of course, the three winners were here (VenonPaula del Estal y Héctor Luján), the true protagonists joined by Laskaar and HJ Darger, in a night where we were definitely not lacking in the protagonist department.

Laskaar’s brilliant performance, suddenly, married to perfection Nike Air Max 720’s own imagery: his nu-R&B with (now more than ever) a Latin flair was the ideal music for letting the attendees’ outfits, which were thought out to elevate streetwear, shine. On top of Laskaar’s songs, HJ Darger turned tables in a session where music, once again, intertwined in a natural way with the imagery which, between all of us, would eventually build up towards the presentation of the Nike Air Max 720.

And then there were the conversations and the non-stop movement and the socialising and the beers, thanks Brutus for the collaboration! And stumbling upon that friend who you hadn’t seen in so long and looking for friends who you had lost track of over half an hour ago because you wouldn’t stop finding other interesting people… That. That which not always happens in every single even but, when it happens, it makes you feel like it was a good one.

On Friday, February 1st, Sivasdescalzo and METAL Magazine joined forces for an event to present the three winning entries of the creative competition organised around the new Nike Air Max 720. And it was an event where everything fell into place.