We all know The 1 Reimagined, a collection of two icons: Nike Air Force 1 and Jordan 1, reinterpreted by and for women. The second series of the collection showcases five new stunning colors: light blue, luminous green, geode teal, cinder orange, and violet mist.

Chiyo TakahashiNike Senior Color Design Director, and one of the 14 women who worked on the project, is in charge of explaining the selection process, which at first started with the idea of creating different palettes for each model. However, halfway through the process, the objective turned to integrate the collection with a simple and daring palette - all with colors which inspired moods for themselves and between which there was a synergy. By reducing colors, the collection became more symbiotic and used color as the meeting point.

"We landed on Light Blue, which is calm and soothing; Luminous Green, which is optimistic and progressive; Geode Teal, which is grounded and bold; Cinder Orange, which is warm and spicy; and Violet Mist, which is light and ethereal. Each of these colors is quite expressive and unique on their own, but we really loved how fresh and playful the shoes became when all the colors came together."


The 1 Reimagined remains as a symbol of the work method created for this collection, independent designers who came together to collaborate, but it was the power of the group themselves which made it special. The result - five new colors of the Nike Air Force 1 and Air Jordan I, which are now available at SVD