Fashion and technology make up the Nike React Element 87

Nike has presented some of its latest releases at some of the world's most important fashion weeks, serving as a unmistakable symbol of the ever increasing presence, importance, and influence that the Swoosh brand, and streetwear in general, is experiencing in the world of fashion.

As happened with the Chalapuka in New York in 2016, or the M2K Tekno in John Elliot's fashion show this year, Nike repeated this strategy by showcasing in the last moments of Paris Fashion Week, an unknown silhouette, which has become to be known as the Nike React Element 87.

The Nike React Element 87 is presented as a solution for those who seek comfort in their day to day. The Oregon based brand, always conscious of its consumers needs, understands that the needs of a runner do not match those of a person who simply needs a pair of sneakers to walk to their office. Based on these insights, they have managed to adapt one of the latest and most talked about innovations, Nike React foam, meeting general public demands.

The central idea has been to maximize opportunities that cushioning requires and adapt it to the wearer's movements.

Darrly Matthews, Footwear Design Lead at Nike, admitted that in order to carry out this new way of understanding React, his team had to go back to some of the initial stages of design. Basically to create this new design, a trial and error approach was needed, until the final composition resulted in the desired outcome. 

In this way, the Element 87 sole is born via shoe-mapping data and the inclusion of drilled holes, featuring rubber rivets of different depths, to provide the necessary cushioning for the lifestyle sneaker - perfect for day to day needs.

Like the Nike Epic Flyknit React, the Epic React Element 87 takes its inspiration from the past, specifically the Internationalist. Some of these common details can be found in the fastening clip on the back, demonstrating the importance of Nike in the future, and its inspiration in the past.

Nike React Element 87

You can find the Epic React Element 87 from June 21st at SVD, but you'll have to be fast to get Nike's latest innovation for life's day to day.