The most anticipated edition of the KD saga returns: Aunt Pearl

Nike Zoom KD Aunt Pearl

Since his fourth sneaker with Nike, Kevin Durant has maintained a special request - one color to represent a very important person in his life. 

When KD picked up his 2014 MVP trophy, he dedicated a heartfelt speech to his mother, Wanda, whom he called "the real MVP." His story, which has even been portrayed through a documentary, would not have been the same without the support of his grandmother, Barbara (a name that has appeared in details of several KD shoes) and her sister, whom everyone in the family knew as Aunt Pearl. Both women were responsible for taking care of Kevin while his mother, Wanda, worked long hours at the local post office.

Since she lost her battle against lung cancer in 2000, Kevin Durant has always tried to keep her memory alive, as an example of her influence on effort and improvement. From 2012, Nike made the homage even more special linking models with pink tones to represent the Kay Yow Foundation (name of a well-known basketball coach who died of cancer in 2009) and their fight against cancer.

With the passing of each season, each Aunt Pearl version becomes one of the most sought after pairs of sneakers in his collection, and even Kevin Durant himself treats them with a special affection.

Nike Zoom KD Aunt Pearl

The Aunt Pearl edition of the Nike Zoom KD X uses light pink as the base color and has delicate hidden details; such as the Kay Yow Foundation loop on the inside of the tongue, and the textured heel that recalls Kevin Durant's angel tattoo in honor of Aunt Pearl. The Nike Zoom KD X Aunt Pearl is available at SVD from March 14th.