NikeLab ACG, at the forefront of innovation

Departing far from any other thing we've seen on the streets or in shops around the world, it is no surprise seeing one of this collection's main designers is Errolson Hugh, of ACRONYM. Modularity, technology and redefinition of the limits of clothing are some of the characteristics that all the products of this designer share in common.

NikeLab, via its ACG collection, once again tests the limits in manufacturing processes, while at the ready to redefine industry standards.

At first sight, the collection exudes personality and characterMinimalism and the use of Gore-Tex distinguish the collection - all eyes on it, searching for an explanation as to how a technology used traditionally for cold weather, could be used at the height of the hottest months of the year.

The collection revolves around three pieces, as well as many other articles that give special meaning to the whole of the assortment. To start, the most distinctive point of the whole collection is found in the use of Gore-Tex, as one of its central technologies - despite its appearance until now in pieces seen only during the coldest periods of the year. Nike, however, assures it can be used when the temperature begins to rise and in Gore-Tex, apart from protection from external elements, offers important characteristics in regards to perspiration.

The NikeLab ACG Gore-Tex jacket is the center piece with which the collection lies, and in which the use of the technology is highlighted. It is designed for the days where we seek to get away from the city and explore new landscapes and territories; it is also highly adaptable. Firstly, it features many pockets, which offers the ability to go out into the world backpack free, and incorporating all your essential items in the piece itself. Secondly, it comes with a removable sleeve function, allowing for the conversion of the piece into a versatile summer garment. Finally, when the heat begins to rise, it can be transformed into a carry-able piece, due to its interior straps.

The next piece which deserves attention is a hooded sweatshirt with a fleece interior. It is the second of the key elements on which this collection is based, and according to the brand, is specially treated to offer the maximum possible breathability. One of its highlighting elements is the breathable mesh that the NikeLab team has introduced into the hood, to favor the passage of air taking advantage of any movement in the neck. 

Through this hoodie and fleece interior, Nike shatters yet another preconceived notion by the industry - that fleece must be used only during the winter, in peak cold conditions. The Swoosh brand has managed to break the limits and construct a fleece with highly breathable characteristics, which concerns itself in getting the maximum result for the hottest months of the year.

Nike Acg

The last, but not least, product in the collection which warrants recognition are pants. Following the trend of the two previous garments, the pants are highly adaptable and beneficial for summer months. According to Johanna Schneider, Senior Director of Influencer Marketing and Product Collaborations of Nike, the idea was that the client would "just need one full pant in the summer season." The functionality is based in a key element of this particular garment - zippers - which allows for a transformation between long and short lengths, according to the needs or conditions the user finds themselves in.

For this season, they sought to create a collection that provides the same benefits for men and women, without distinction between the two. Therefore, you'll find the same garment for both and adapted fully for each, such as pants, jackets, and sweatshirts.

In addition to these three pieces, the collection algo has a large amoung of garments designed for the most urban adventurers.

From tank tops to leggings and compression tops to skirts, it is a truly complete collection which allows you to tackle the summer heat in a daring, functional way - soon to be available at SVD.

Stay tuned for all the news on this collection full of personality!