Jamming is the name PUMA has used to baptize its most innovative and groundbreaking silhouettes of recent months.

The brand, of German origin, has proposed to reinterpret the future of running and does so via numerous studies that show that no two footprints are equal, and that factors such as fatigue, temperature or terrain, make each movement completely different from previous ones. Therefore, a cushioning system that replenishes energy with each impact and does so in the same way everytime, does not make sense.

Following this premise, PUMA stands out from its competition, moving away from foam as a cushioning system, and launching an innovative midsole composed of NRGY pearls.

puma jamming

The new silhouette features a fully transparent midsole, showing the composition of technology inside. NRGY pearls act as a cushioning system, a depart from the rest of running technology found in the curent market. It is a technology that promises to begin its process, as soon as your foot hits the ground, putting into motion an unparalled feeling of support thanks to its dynamism.

PUMA is highly aware that not all athletes tread in the same way, and that the characteristics of running environments are also changing, so there is a need for a technology that adapts in a personalized way for each step. This function is based on the freedom that the pearls have to move along the midsole, acting at the moment in which the foot hits the ground. In this way, each footfall rests on a new formation of pearls, allowing a much more free and personalized feeling, in addition to offering a great return of energy.

PUMA Jamming is built with EvoKNIT technology in its upper; a form of construction patented by the firm, whose confection is made from yarn. This one-piece upper, provides the wearer with great breathability, unparalleled lightness, and a snug fit.

You can find PUMA Jamming at sivasdescalzo, all you have to do is pick your color!