Ripley and Alien Queen meet again

reebok alien stomper pack

In 1986, good and evil had a face to face on the big screen. The film Aliens was released that year surrounded by great expectation. Fans all over the glove had been waiting for seven years to finally enjoy the masterpiece of James Cameron. The flim did not disappoint, on the contrary it gave us one of the most unforgettable moments of the 80s’ cinema; the final battle with a group of marines against a horde of Aliens. In the last scene where Lieutenant Ripley fights against the Alien Queen with a pair of Reebok boots on her feet. These Reebok, under the name “Alien Stomper”, became an icon for the fans and an authentic piece of collector for those lucky enough to cop a pair.

Now, on the occasion of the Alien Day on April 26, Reebok will release two new versions of the Alien Stomper for all its fans. The pack comes with two sneakers, one inspired by the character of the Alien Queen and the other in the Power Loader forklift truck. Every detail of both models is carefully thought out, even those of the box, to honor the film.

reebok alien stomper pack

Power Loader

most obvious of the design are the yellow color and black stripes. are other items such as that the machine was called P5000 are also included on the velcro strap. A small mesh over the label resembles the top of the machine where there was a grid.

Queen Alien

The material chosen is a glossy leather type in black that gives the sneakers the moist texture of an aliens’ skin. The black color is predominant throughout the boot but certain areas can glow in the dark.The box in which they are packaged picks up numerous details that have been carefully selected. It is inspired by a scene at the end where Lieutenant Ripley gets in the Power Loader and the final fight against the Queen Alien takes place next to a lock. They fall through the lock and Ripley opens the gate. Queen Alien is sucked into outer space.

reebok alien stomper pack

There is no doubt that this pack will make fans crazy and make you enjoy every detail of this long awaited collector's release. From July 18 you can find them on our website.