Re-run the 90s: Reebok Aztrek OG

The Reebok Aztrek OG have returned from the nineties with an updated silhouette, and their new wave nostalgia and retro details invade us from head to toe. Literally.

To immerse ourselves even more in this new wave universe, we have created a list of local artists who know how to bring back the spirit of the 90s. We love the concept of their works, their colors and their aesthetics. Do you want to know them?




A multifaceted artist, Boldtron uses 3D and virtual reality in his works. He is an expert at developing new techniques without losing the analog base, collaborating with artists from other fields to widen his point of view. The local artist participated in the Reebok Aztrek event that took place in our Barcelona store, along with the subversive performer María Forqué.

Alba Blázquez

alba blazquez

Alba Blázquez's work moves within a dimension full of vibrant colors, geometric shapes, and pop references. She began asking herself questions and using her works as a therapy to break taboos and to get rid of complexes. Her unique essence has left no one indifferent. 



Or as he calls himself, the Vaporwave King, all his art is nourished by the aesthetic world. His Instagram feed is full of palm trees, columns, busts and pop-ups of the relic Windows 95.



Susana López has created a unique style. Her illustrations follow in the footsteps of the legendary MTV series Beavis and Butthead. Her influences range from ancient Egypt to Picasso. Susana is the perfect example of a 90s-inspired artist.



3D artist and always looking for new and unique projects, Moukkaa creates distinctive pieces through the use of colors, typography, and 3D. He brings back old school devices such as Polaroid cameras or cassettes.