We're welcoming Spring with this collection of t-shirts by Patagonia

patagonia t-shirt

Patagonia not only looks for quality in its products, but it also examines their process to ensure each of its articles is represented as a good example of behavior. Even a product, as simple as a t-shirt, has a two-fold implication of being carefully prepared and with the possibility of creating change in the world.

To honor the arrival of Spring, we take a moment to analyze a classic product that has become a must in the Patagonia catalog. In the three types of Patagonia t-shirts available at SVD you'll find the Fair Trade Certified stamp, which guarantees that they have been produced in decent working conditions, and purchased at a fair price. For every product with that seal, Patagonia pays a premium directly to the workers, who amongst themselves decide if it is distributed as benefits, as scholarships, or as funding for projects for the community.

But there's more: Patagonia has managed to place some of their t-shirts as timeless references that are renewed each season in three different styles:

- Responsibili-tee is one of the most timeless essentials of Patagonia. T-shirts 100% recycled, made from 4.8 plastic bottles that reduce water consumption; one of the main problems in the manufacturing process of conventional cotton t-shirts. Patagonia plays with a multitude of graphic impressions (without PVCs or phthalates) that vary each season, featuring: the classic Patagonia logo, new versions inspired by elements of the brand's history, a classic silhouette of a trout, or the Live Simply collection designed by Frank Ozmum, who invites you to flee from the superfluous. 

patagonia live simply t-shirt

- Organic tee: fabricated with organic cotton in co-op farms in Texas to ensure that toxic pesticides have not been used during development. Among the lightest in the Patagonia catalog, there are different versions with and without a pocket. They also include a diverse array of logos on the chest and back, from the Patagonia classic to the reinvention of the logo designed by Neil Hubert.

organic patagonia

- Cap Daily. “Cap” comes from Capilene, a network of recycled polyester that improves breathability, and that is usually used as a base layer, or as a single layer, which is why it features the softest feeling to touch as possible. Patagonia was the brand that developed the layering system that we know today, so it has extensive experience in these types of products. In this final Patagonia t-shirt, the novelty lies within Polygiene, a system of odor control that allows for extensive use over hours, as well as gives the garment a longer life cycle.

patagonia t-shirt

In short, three types of t-shirts created in a sustainable way, and of high-quality that you can use both for day to day, as well as for your getaways to nature. Don't forget that you can find the Spring/Summer 2018 Patagonia collection at sivadescalzo now!