Here we have a new entry on our Sneakeroot section, this time about the origins of the Sock Dart:

In 1984, Nike turned one of Bill Bowerman’s wishes into reality: the founder of the company wanted to create a sneaker that could work as a sock with a sole. That madness was called Sock Racer and became the foundation of a shoe saga we all know about: the Presto, Sift, Huarache and Free all came from this original idea.

In order to celebrate its 20th anniversary, Nike approached the Sock Racer concept to the three most innovative sneaker designers: Mark Parker (Nike’s CEO and former designer), Tinker Hatfield (the creator of most of the Air Max silhouettes and the Jordan) and Hiroshi Fujiwara (designer and creator of some of the most successful brands in recent years in Japan). This working team, known as HTM, works in a completely organic way, without fixed seasons in advance, no briefings and no data analysis. Most of the sneakers released under the HTM label were produced in small quantities: sometimes, only 60 pairs were created for family members, friends and selected retailers.

In order to reinvent the Sock Racer, the team used a new tool they were working on: the computerized fabric technology. Nike played around with thread ten years before the Flyknit.

Clearly influenced by the Sock Racer, the Sock Dart changed the straps for a clear silicone strip and added the Zoom Moire –the first Nike+ sneaker– midsole. It was too innovative for that moment, so we had to wait for ten years so they could be produced for the public. The Nike Sock Dart is extremely comfortable, simple, functional and, at last, accessible.


Nike Sock Dart

The Nike Sock Dart has been released in different colorways this year and at Sivasdescalzo we are expecting to have a great number of them during the next months. Keep tuned to hear about these news anytime soon!