Presenting Aries Arise, the latest disruptive brand to land at SVD

On the 20th September, we converted our Madrid boutique into a sprawling and offbeat 90’s office space as part of a special event to present the latest collection of London based label, Aries Arise. The brand presentation challenged the dull stereotypes of the workspace coinciding with the theme of our 2018 Fall /Winter campaign, Back to Work

Contaminated water coolers, destroyed office shelving, and a disarrayed copy machine, featured as some of the dynamic backdrops to some of our exclusive editorial pieces dedicated to highlighting Aries Arise throughout our shop. The space also included a gin “reception area”, as well as as DJ “cubicle” for vivid sets pinched by FlacaRoyce Rolo, and Fabianni from the collective Agorazein to top off the night. 

SVD Aries Arise Event

Aries Arise - a stand-out brand in our new seasonal catalog - is well-known for its experimental nature and sophisticated urban design for women. While previous collections catered to women’s sizing, the new men’s range extends sizing to cover the high-demand Aries Arise experienced among the male demographic. This new range continues the brand’s no-rules philosophy, which breaks down gender boundaries to create a truly unisex brand.

The new Aries Arise collection is available now at sivasdescalzo.comFor the occasion, a special editorial piece was created to highlight some of label's most disruptive items juxtaposed against a stereotypical and drab 90s office environment:

SVD Aries Aries Editorial 1

SVD Aries Aries Editorial 2

SVD Aries Aries Editorial 3

SVD Aries Aries Editorial 4

SVD Aries Aries Editorial 5

SVD Aries Aries Editorial 6

SVD Aries Aries Editorial 7

SVD Aries Aries Editorial 8