The North Face "Black Series": a collection for the urban explorer

One of the the most extensive problems that modern society faces is related to the environment. Climate change and waste management are two of the factors towards which politicians from all over the world are beginning to approach from a narrowing perspective.

Fashion has not wanted to remain inherent in this issue and a clear example of this is, The North Face. The US brand has always characterized itself by being one of the most respectful brands in relation to environmental issues, ensuring that a large part of its catalog is manufactured from recycled elements. In The North Face "Black Series" collection we can see how their concern for the environment is sincere and remains reflected in their products.

This exclusive collection is presented as the uniform for urban explorers. At sivasdescalzo we carry a total of 21 select pieces from the collection, in which at the epicenter we encounter a jacket whose main novelty is that it is made from Tyvek - a lightweight and durable fabric, which in addition to protecting its wearer from external elements, it also features properties that defend against pollution and radiation.

Koji Ogawa, the designer of the collection, confirms that the very fabric itself is prepared to protect against contamination, as it an attribute encompassed in each and every fiber of Tyvek, and not in any outer layer that can wear out over time. In addition, the collection includes a removable mask - one more aspect that proves the environmental and pollution concerns of The North Face.

The collection, already available in our online store, has a series of pieces focused on the most urban explorer.  Among them, in addition to the Tyvek made jacket, you will find a range of t-shirts, sweatshirts, and pants with which to face any type of atmospheric condition