The Vans Half Cab turns 25!

Steve Caballero, original member of the mythical Bones Brigade, is considered one of the best skaters of the XX century. Although he has appeared in numerous videogames and front covers of Thrasher, his name has carried itself throughout history tied to a pair of sneakers which almost did not make it store shelves.

Midway through the 80's, Vans came to Caballero with a proposal to create a pair of skate sneakers in his image; a rarity which came to be through an intervention via another story, Lance Mountain. Their first shoe, the second named after a skater, arrived at shops in 1989 and maintained the sole and waffle, grip design of classic Vans, but also included reinforcement on the zones that frequently suffer the most wear. Caballero made the record for the highest air achieved on the half-pipe, and following that he asked Vans to create better protection for skater's ankles.
Vans Half Cab XXV

When the skaters took back to the streets, the added ankle protection on the shoe blocked them from realizing new tricks. That's when the younger generation of skaters began to cut the shoe in half, using duct tape to bandage them up. When he started to notice this trend, Caballero decided to suggest to the Californian brand that they make a new version of his iconic shoe, naming it the Vans Half Cab, which has maintained its place in the market since 1992.

To celebrate its 25th Anniversary, Vans rehashes the design of the Half Cab with that of its predecessor, the Caballero, in the version LX with finishes and materials of the utmost quality.