7 interesting stories about Vans that you should know

vans off the wall
Vans, with more than 50 years of history, is one of the most veteran brands on the current sneaker scene. Some of their companions on the road to success have been Motörhead, Public Enemy, and even Sean Penn, so from their story we can pretty much expect just about anything.

vans wrestling

Vans can boast of having implemented the first shoe personalization system as early as 1965, long before the culture of customizing. Their first points of sale mixed the aspects of factory, warehouse, and shop. Vans shoes were made on demand, with customers able to choose colors and materials. Much later, clients were able to bring in their own materials, which gave rise to an authentic madness of color at a time when it was strange to go beyond classic white.

vans jazzstripe

- Until 1977, Vans did not have a logo that differentiated it from other brands. Drawn by the founder of Vans, Paul Van Doren, the logo went down in history as the jazzstripe and appeared for the first time in a sneaker made for skaters, “style #36”, later recognized as Old Skool. 

vans off the wall

Off The Wall, the motto Vans used for its skater products, came from a phrase used by Tony Alva and Stacy Peralta to refer to something that falls outside the norm. An expression that came directly from the empty pools dominated by skaters and that went on to designate the irreverent style of Vans. 

 vans wrestling

- In the 80's, Vans wanted to grow in sports and did so by manufacturing running shoes, wresting shoes, and even models designed especially for dancing. “Made In Anaheim, CA, for the Serious Athlete” was not a sufficient claim to bring regulated sport to a brand that had strong roots in skateboarding. The failure of this expansion caused the bankruptcy of Vans a few years later.

vans jeff spicoli

- Cameron Crowe's first film as a screenwriter was a teen comedy and cult classic, Fast Time at Ridgemont High. Although his appearance was punctual, one of the film's most memorable characters is Jeff Spicoli, played by a young Sean Penn embodied the youthful fantasy of a carefree surfer with more abs than brain. Penn, a native Californian and surf enthusiast, understood perfectly that without a doubt, Jeff Spicoli's character required Vans Slip On Checkerboard. The film's success paved the way for the Slip-On to become the perfect complement for a generation.

vans half cab

- The first skater to put his name on a Vans skate sneaker was Natas Kaupas in 1988. Later to come was Steve Caballero, who was quite reluctant, said yes to Vans. His sneaker, inspired by the Sk8-Hi featured material on the ankle that was too high, not allowing for the proper proteciton of a skater's ankles. However, Caballero discovered that younger skaters cut the material of their Vans Caballero in half and sealed them with duct tape to create more movement around the ankles for their tricks. Designed by Vans and Steve Caballero but improved by users, so in 1991 Vans launched the Half Cab. 

vans kristen stewart

- The path to Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood is paved with the footprints and hands of dozens of the world¡s greatest actors, cemented and immortalized as a sign that you have made it. When they offered this distinction to Kirsten Stewart, she appeared dressed for the occasion in high heels, but at the time of leaving her prints for eternity on this famed Hollywood boulevard, she switched them for her much preferred Vans Slip On, which are probably the only sneakers to have made an appearance on the Walk of Fame.