Vans and Lazy Oaf, united for an exclusive collaboration


Since its creation in 2001, based out of a small garage in the style of a typical Palo Alto start-up, Lazy Oaf has not lost its independent and irreverent character. Its pieces, full of humor, play along the lines of an adolescent tone and charm. That's why founder, Gemma Shiel,  had very clear the idea and meaning behind this collaboration with Vans:

"Vans and Lazy Oaf fans are very similar. Everyone that wears both Lazy Oaf and Vans are nonconventional and “keep it weird” in an irreverent and playful way."


With a color palette defined by pink, black, and white, the capsule collection created by Lazy Oaf and Vans integrates the distinguishing features of both brands. The classic checkerboard pattern of Vans has been redesigned to include the typical eye sketch of Lazy Oaf delivering a new twist on one of Van's iconic silhouettes, the Slip-On


The Vans Old Skool Platform is reinterpreted and taken to new heights with the midsole converted into a platform adding new flair via the incorporation of three notches in the form of white hearts, as well as giving the silhouette's classic stripe a dash of pink. The black suede cut makes it even more classic, that is until you discover the cheeky embroidery featured on the heel, where it reads "Bad for you" and the checkerboard laces.

The Vans x Lazy Oaf collection shoes a vision of youthful creativity with the colorful aesthetic of Lazy Oaf in a range of Vans "Off The Wall" products.