Vans Vault x Our Legacy & Hardcore Punk

Did you know that the Vans Vault collection curated by Swedish fashion brand Our Legacy is heavily inspired by hardcore punk?

Jockum Hallin, co-founder of the Stockholm-based brand, used to be an admirer of hardcore punk when he was young. Hallin spent a few weeks in a tour van with Ray and Porcell from the band Youth of Today and he grow up romanticizing about the American West coast, the place where most of the subcultures he loved took place during the 80s.

this isn't me 411, salad days Minor Threat

These hardcore punk subcultures of the 80s used to wear Vans as their reference brand. The cover of This Isn't Me by 411, features a black pair of Vans Authentic -later known as 411s-, and in the album cover Salad Days by Minor Threat we can find a young Ian MacKaye, frontman of the band and founder of Dischord Records, rocking a pair of Old Skools:

The Vans Vault x Our Legacy collection represents a dichotomy between street culture and Premium design. Take a look at some of its clothing:

Vans Vault x Our Legacy

This t-shirt features a print along the sleeves reading "One Thing That Still Holds True", the name of a compilation album released in 1995 by Chain of Strenght.


vans Positive Mental Attitude


The marshmallow long sleeve tee is decorated with a graphic to the front with the acronym PMA. "Positive Mental Attitude" is a direct nod to one of the first bands of American Hardcore Punk, Bad Brains, whose song "Attitude" would eventually become one of the icons of the genre.

The O.C Made in California T-shirt, available in white and black color, is inspired by the front of the iconic Uniform Choice shirt from the 80s! Likewise, the font used in the "Orange County" print on the back of the tee imitates the font of Uniform Choice.


Vans banana core T-shirt

And what about the "Orange County" print with The Stars and Stripes? Vans Vault and Our Legacy honor New York band Gorilla Biscuits and their "banana core" T-shirt from 1988! The ressemblance is uncanny ;)

Vans Vault Our Legacy SVD

The collection Vans Vault curated by Our Legacy is available online and in-store! Be sure to pay us a visit to our flagship store in Barcelona to see more!