Most Frequently Asked Questions

 How can I contact your customer service?
 How can I return a product?
 How can I stay informed about all news, promotions and releases at sivasdescalzo?
 What payment methods can I use when purchasing at sivasdescalzo?
 Where is your store in Barcelona? What are their opening times?
 How can I confirm my order has been placed correctly?
 What additional benefits can I enjoy when creating a customer account at your store?
 What is the delivery time for my order?
 Where is your store in Madrid? What are their opening times?
 Can I return a product at the physical store?
 How can I create a customer account?
 How many days do I have to proceed with a return? Can I return a product after 14 days have passed?
 What kind of product can I find in the Hot Releases calendar?
 I have placed an order. How can I find out what is its shipping status?
 Is there any difference between models for women and for men?
 What is your SVD Credit and how does it work?
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