Most Frequently Asked Questions

 How can I make a return and how should I send it? Is it mandatory to include the return form?
 What is the situation of your SVD stores during the current period?
 What payment methods can I use when purchasing at SVD?
 Are there any restrictions or limitations on your shipments?
 Can I exchange a product?
 How can I confirm my order has been placed correctly?
 What additional benefits can I enjoy when creating a customer account at your store?
 What is the delivery time for my order?
 Are the terms and conditions for returns maintained?
 If I place an order through your website, can I pick it up at one of your stores?
 I have placed an order. How can I find out what is its shipping status?
 Can I reserve or pre-order a product?
 Can I return a product in one of your physical stores? Do I need to provide the returns form?
 Can I check if an item is available in store before going?
 How and when will I receive the refund corresponding to the product returned?
 How can I cancel/modify my registration?
 How will I know if I am a winner?
 Can you get any discontinued models or past editions?
 I would like my order to arrive as soon as possible. Can I take on an express delivery service?
 I have placed an order containing several units and I have only received part of the products I purchased. Is there a problem? Will I receive the rest in a second shipping?
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