Arc'teryx Veilance

Arc’teryx Veilance is dedicated to casual clothing with a special care for details. Using the best techniques of confection, the most advanced technology and the best material on the market, this Canadian brand has managed to create exceptional minimal clothing for the modern man. At SVD, you can find some garments of quality of the brand from Vancouver.

  •  Mionn IS - 399241

    Arc'teryx Veilance

    Mionn IS

  •  Demlo Jacket Men's - 23921-BLK

    Arc'teryx Veilance

    Demlo Jacket Men's

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  • What is Arc´teryx Veilance?

    Using the background of Arc’teryx in technical materials for mountain, Veilance created a brand that designs products for a market that will only exist in the future. The process starts by introducing advanced materials to create from them the best garment ever using the most advanced technology. Essential shapes born from function, precise design, innovative material and technical construction.