Chapter one

Experts in the field give us their insights and opinions on the year’s best models


Chris Danforth

  • Berlin

Anyone can choose their favorite sneakers, but Chris Danforth, as an editor for Highsnobiety can choose them after speaking to everyone involved in their development. An approach using inside knowledge.


Dolores De La Rosa

  • Artist
  • Madrid

Soraya, Aaliyah, Rosa, Dolores, or @cuentosrosales - her name changes as often as her job titles. Artist, model, designer, stylist, and performer. Challenged between being a muse, artist, or work of art, she chooses to be everything.


Laro Vilas Boas

  • Illustrator
  • Porto

Laro Lagosta is a corrosive portraitist in the world of fashion. A person who centers himself at the center of his jokes, and with whom we all, at times, identify with.


Helen Kirkum

  • Footwear Designer and Artist
  • London

As an artisan, Helen Kirkum applies a candid approach to sneakers. Deconstructing and reconstructing as any craftsman would do to create new and unique silhouettes.


Marcos Bellavia

  • Sneakers Expert
  • Buenos Aires

Head of Visión Invisible, an essential online publication hailing from Argentina, Marcos Bellavia uses sneakers, art, and design to talk about what really interests him - the future. Nostalgia for the future.


Oscar Castillo

  • Owner at Modern Notoriety
  • Chicago

Oscar Castillo's passion for sneakers was born in the nineties in Chicago, and further developed through the stores and websites he worked for as a photographer and editor, before founding Modern Notoriety.


Adrian Bianco

  • Tokyo

Biancissimo is an ode to the singularity of each city, made and written in Tokyo. Adrian Bianco, reviews music, photography, gastronomy, and subcultures, but most importantly their meanings.

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Chapter One: Research