Medicom Toy [email protected] KARIMOKU BRICK-STYLE TILES 1000% KAR-BRI-1000



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Medicom Toy is a brand created in Japan in 1996, specialized in designing collectible works of art.

The new [email protected] 1000% Premium was designed in collaboration with Karimoku, a Japanese furniture manufacturer with deep knowledge and love for wood.

Its design radiates softness and beauty, thanks to the traditional techniques that were used for its construction. Each of the pieces that make up this figure is handmade by skilled craftsmen, simulating an effect of tiles and bricks.

A piece worth collecting!

- 100% Wood
- High (approx): 700mm
- The arms and legs of this bear allow wide movements thanks to the special articulation systems that it has incorporated.


-This figure was created to commemorate the Medicom Toy 2014 exhibition and aligns with the previous projects of Karimoku and Medicom Toy.