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The new trend blending soccer fever with street style. Discover our selection of Blokecore clothing, footwear and accessories, and combine soccer-inspired shirts with shorts and sports sneakers to take your passion to the streets.
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    Blokecore: From the field to the streets

    Blokecore is more than just a trend. It's a way of expressing your passion for soccer and your love of urban fashion. Started on TikTok at the end of 2021, it has taken over the streets thanks to its simplicity and versatility. The key is to reinterpret the classic vintage soccer jersey by pairing it with shorts, accessories, and a pair of sports-inspired shoes like the classic adidas Gazelle or Samba. Check out the SVD catalog and see what's trending in Blokecore style.

    Retro soccer jerseys: The foundation of blokecore

    Originally designed for functionality and team identification on the field, soccer jerseys have traversed a remarkable path into the fashion realm. The evolution began with simple designs, featuring team colors and minimal branding. Over the decades, advancements in materials and printing technologies allowed for more elaborate graphics and sponsor logos, enhancing their visual appeal and collector interest. The transition from pitch to pavement accelerated as fashion designers recognized the cultural and nostalgic value of these garments. Today, the resurgence of the soccer jerseys has transformed them from mere sportswear to a key fashion statement celebrated on runways and streets alike, central to the blokecore aesthetic. Whether paired with jeans and sneakers or styled with more unexpected pieces like skirts or upscale footwear, these retro jerseys embody a fusion of comfort, history, and fashion-forward thinking. Discover the trend at SVD.