nike AIR MAX 95 ERDL PARTY AR4473-001



95 190

On a black base is incorporated a multicolored animal print that reinvents the iconic Nike Air Max 95 model, filling it with life and fun.

- Polyurethane Midsole

- Rubber sole

Air Max 95

Air Max 95

In the mid-nineties, Nike designer Sergio Lozano revolutionized the world of sports with the Air Max 95, the running shoes inspired by human anatomy for better performance. Ribs, vertebrae, muscles and skin can be glimpsed in the designs of the Air Max 95. The model has a mesh and synthetic suede upper that provides flexibility and breathability, as well as the "Speed-Lacing" eyelets to wrap the foot and get maximum support. More than twenty years later, this design continues to influence contemporary aesthetics.

Technological Features

Technological Features


Nike Air consists of pressurized air inside a flexible, yet resistant, bag. Located in the midsole, Air Sole units are compressed to reduced the force of impact, recovering immediately to their original shape and protecting your muscles, joints, and tendons.