nike Hawkins Air Tailwind 81 x Stranger Things CK1905-100



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Relive the summer of '85 with the new Hawkins Air Tailwind 81 x Stranger Things sneakers, manufactured with a clear-toned upper that offers a fresh look. Its details are presented in striking red and vibrant blue and the numbers "19" and "85" appear on the back, making reference to the series. It has Air cushioning system and a durable rubber sole.

This model includes special edition pins and a packaging that contains secrets and references about the television show.

Technological Features

Technological Features

Air cushioning

The Hawkins Air Tailwind 81 X Stranger Things model feature the new Air technology of Nike, which is made of a lasting and flexible chamber composed of air located in the midsole of this sneaker. Thanks to this technology, the shoe protects your muscles, tendons and joints, absorbing the blow of each step.