nike NIKE SHOX R4 BV1111-100



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Popularized in the year 2000, the Nike Shox were a revolution for the brand that came up with the Swoosh. With an appearance and effect similar to that of a conventional spring, this technology reached world fame when Vince Carter jumped over the 2 meters and 18 centimeters of Frédéric Weis at the Olympic Games that same year. 


- Leather and textile upper
- Fabric lining
- Rubber sole
- Ventilation perforation

Technological Features

Technological Features


Fashion is cyclical and trends are always back. Turn it is of the 2000s and its mythical shoes: Nike Shox. Its characteristic springs are due to a technology system which promises maximum comfort and reaction in your lunge due to flexible columns that are compressed and stretch back while you walk. Don't miss it!