nike WMNS NIKE ZOOM FLY 897821-003

Black/Black Anthracite


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Nike releases the WMNS ZOOM FLY in a Black/Black Anthracite Colorway

  • Nike
  • 897821-003
  • Black/Black Anthracite - Black

Nike Zoom Fly

Nike Zoom Fly


Technological Features

Technological Features

Zoom Air

Zoom Air cushioning brings your foot closer to the ground for a fast, responsive ride. Zoom enhances stability, while being extremely lightweight and thin, allowing the wearer to feel the surface he, or she is on. Zoom Air provides stability in activities requiring quick cuts, and multi-directional movements, such as running, basketball, or skateboarding.

Cables Dynamic Flywire

Flyware cables are made of fiberglass filaments situated on the sides of the sneaker. They support your foot and minimize weight, using the lightest and strongest material possible, Vectran.

Nike Flymesh

Flymesh fabric is made without seams to provide a firm, light, breathable, and comfortable grip. This mesh, or Engineered Mesh is more open where the foot needs to perspire, and more closed to reinforce the key points of support for each stride.