Patagonia M's P­6 Logo Responsibili­Tee 39174-BLK




A shirt that, thanks to the brand's interest for the environment, has been able to be made with recycled materials in its entirety and produced from plastic bottles, which allow reducing water consumption in the manufacturing process and that can not miss in our closet.

A basic t-shirt, completely black, that complements our outfit and that does not harm the environment.


50% algodón reciclado, 50% poliéster reciclado

Technological Features

Technological Features

Fair Trade Certified™

Clothing should express who you are, your personality, your style and your values. Fair Trade Certified™ is a global group composed by a large number of manufacturers, companies and organizations. It focuses on the simple idea that every product, both sold and bought, should be aligned with other people's lives as well. Clothes created in a certified establishment help to provide better livelihoods as well as safer and more transparent work conditions. For every purchased item, workers are given a bonus that can either be redeemed in cash or be used for the development of community projects.


BLUESIGN® is a holistic system based on people, the planet and its resources. It was established to bring about solutions in the textile industry and improve the manufacturing stages. A brand with the BLUESIGN® certification provides assurances and transparency to its clients by demonstrating its own resources' responsible use, with the minimum impact on the ecosystem.