Patagonia M's P­6 Logo Responsibili­Tee 39174-WHI




100% recycled and manufactured tee from plastic bottles, in the process of making this t-shirt it has been possible to reduce water consumption.

Thanks to its white color and its casual style, this Patagonia design allows us a wide range of possibilities when it comes to combining with the rest of our clothes.

An ideal option for all timeless basics lovers.


- Loose Fit
- Round neck


50% algodón reciclado, 50% poliéster reciclado

Technological Features

Technological Features

Fair Trade Certified™

Clothing should describe who you are, your personality, your style and your values. Fair Trade Certified™ is a global collective formed by an extensive network of producers, businesses and organizations. It's based on the simple idea that every product, both sold and purchased, should be in line with other people's lives too. Garments sewn in a certified factory help to make more sustainable life's conditions as well as safer and more transparent work conditions. For each purchased item, employees earn an extra bounty which can either be redeemed in cash or be spent for the development of social projects.


BLUESIGN® is a holistic system focused on people, the planet and its resources. It was created in order to provide solutions in the textile sector and improve the production stages. A company with the BLUESIGN® seal provides safety and transparency to its consumers by showing its own materials' appropriate use, with a limited impact on the environment.